Kate Gilmore


I went to Antioch College in the fifties--a gloomy time in many places, but not at Antioch, where intellectual curiosity, personal freedom, and comfortably left-wing politics were the norm. It was also the home of several remarkable theatre programs, and there I lost my heart to the stage and, not incidentally, to writing—first for the stage, later for other venues.

I participated in at least 80 theatre productions, many of these with the Antioch Area Theatre and Shakespeare Under the Stars, performing almost every theatrical task from directing to prompting. My verse play, Dark Wind Light Wind, was performed as the senior project of my friend Niela Miller.

On the side, I played french horn and violin in the Springfield, Ohio Symphony and studied both violin and horn with private teachers.

After college I went home to write more plays, a program that was derailed when I met my future husband, John Gilmore, a brilliant mathematician and computer systems designer.

What followed were many years in New York, as well as Italy, London, Iran, and rural New Hampshire, two excellent children and no writing.

I wrote my first novel at the age of 50 something and am the author of eight other books,six of which have been published by major publishers.

In the fall of 2004 I was offered the opportunity to write a series of essays for teenagers about the fascinating and wildly various expeditions of Earthwatch. Though described as case studies in the scientific method, these pieces were quite free and a joy to write. I spent a year producing 24 of them and continue to look for the chance to do something similar again.

The moving story of a planet that has lost its higher animals.
Daria is now a keeper in the ChelaDome where animals from Earth are adapted to repopulate the planet Chela and experiments show that even Chela's extinct animals may live again.
It becomes possible to recreate the extinct animals of Chela, but dangerous fanatics threaten the establishment of a fragile home for them.
Four young graffiti artists want to write the word PEACE on an international jet, but how to gain access to such a target? Only the enigmatic Griffin Man has the answer.
Miserable at first to leave her New York high school,Robin finds love and excitement in Venice.
A boy struggles to keep his new girl away from his witch-infested home.
The love story of an American girl and a young Iranian revolutionary.
Science Essays
Study of Declining Frog Populations in Eastern New South Wales